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With the weekend winding down, I feel more in need of a rest now than I did on Friday.  It was definitely, by my usually sedate standards, quite a busy couple of days.  Saturday afternoon was my only quiet period but it was absolutely delightful: I spent it baking a delicious fruit cake and savouring the last few pages of Wives and Daughters:

Sunday morning was more adventurous.  My great aunt is visiting from Ontario and we took her to the Museum of Anthropology out at the University – my first visit there in at least ten years, probably closer to fifteen.  It used to be a favourite field trip destination when I was in elementary school, presumably because it was so close.  By age ten, I had seen enough totem poles and woven baskets to last me a lifetime.  But lately I’d been wanting to go back – it has been a long time, after all – and so when this trip was proposed, rather than run screaming in the opposite direction, I eagerly gave my endorsement for the plan.

I did not discover any burning passion for Northwest Coast art, which is primarily what the museum houses, but I did have a good time and I’m certain I’ll be back again.  I think it is an amazing place to take visitors, people who are not familiar with the traditions or artwork of the First Nations of the Northwest Coast, because the collection really is quite impressive, both in size and quality.  Thinking of all of you, I took a number of photos to share:



Silver engraving by Haida artist Charles Edenshaw (c. 1880)


Spruce root hats


The Raven and the First Men by Bill Reid (1980)

My favourite part of the visit was browsing in the Multi-verse Gallery, which houses an amazing variety of collections from all over the world.  About half of the gallery is filled with objects representing indigenous groups from across Canada but the other half includes items from Asia, the rest of the Americas, Africa, and Europe.  It is an overwhelming volume of stuff but so much fun to explore!  It was here that I found the only Haida button blanket on display (I love button blankets): 

Button blanket

It was certainly an educational way to spend the day!

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