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I am feeling rather smug about my cooking abilities.  Yes, again.  Wednesday was another cold, rainy day.  There have been enough of these lately that the usual routine of curling up with a good book or in front of a good movie (or, if the timing is right, hockey game) has grown tired.  I wanted to spice things up.  So I pulled out At Home With Madhur Jaffrey, which my brother kindly gave me for Christmas but which I hadn’t yet used, and composed the following menu:


Lamb Curry with Whole Spices


Red Lentils with Ginger


Spinach with Garlic and Cumin

 (served with homemade chapatis and cucumber raita)


Had I ever eaten lamb before?  Nope.  I have never particularly like red meat but have become more open to trying it as the years have gone by (‘open’ meaning I’ll eat it maybe once every week or two).  Today I just thought ‘lamb might be nice for dinner’, despite never having tasted it before, and it was.  Everything was delicious actually (though I admit some small preference for the lentils over the other dishes) and incredibly straight-forward to prepare.  I was most nervous about the chapatis but they turned out to be simplicity itself.  My father was delighted by the cooking process, my mother enchanted by the result, and all was well in the land.

I will get back to book reviews one day but for now I’m having fun slowly making my way through Wives and Daughters (which I love even more than I did when I reread it last year) and playing in the kitchen.  I’m eager to do some baking next – any suggestions for what to make?

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