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My father is a passionate watcher of “Charlie Rose” on PBS and very thoughtfully let me know that Deborah Mitford had been a guest on last night’s show, discussing her life and her new book Wait for Me!  I was able to catch the interview this afternoon when PBS reaired it and it was absolutely delightful!  Debo was absolutely charming and Charlie, one of the most professional interviewers around, seemed to have fallen rather in love with her by the end (as any right-thinking person would, I think).  I’m now even more eager for my copy of Wait for Me! to arrive from the publisher but in the meantime I may fall back on In Tearing Haste.

The inteview (not some piffling little piece but a full 22 minutes) is currently up on the Charlie Rose website if you’d like to watch it.  I hope it’s viewable from all regions.

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